To most, Saweetie has yet to entirely prove herself as a formidable MC but she certainly has a few undeniable bops. "Icy Grl" set her career off but she found herself taking a few Ls publicly as she adjusted to the limelight. The success of the song propelled her towards fame but in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, she explained that she was more or less thrown into it. On the infamous Hot97 freestyle, she said, "It was a really dark point in my life." That viral moment quickly transformed into a downward spiral that she says left her suffering from PTSD.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

After the Cosmo story came out, Ebro took to Instagram where he shared some relatively vague thoughts about the current climate of music which many perceived to be a shot at Saweetie. "Please don’t confuse success in the music business with being good at making music," he tweeted before his mentions began flooding with fans defending Saweetie. One fan asked if Hot97 would change the show's format, to which Ebro responded, "No we just play fast food music ... we know what most people want stop it."

More direct accusations of misogyny started receiving responses from Ebro who denied having a bias against female MCs. One fan tweeted, "Not you dragging Saweetie," which prompted Ebro to further clarify where he was coming from. "Whoa. Whoa. Never she’s a sweetie... stop that. Nice person and some good records too," he replied. 

"I hate when that happens," he tweeted. "Im just tweeting listening to music and having discussions, then boom! My tweet is aligned with some other bullshit I ain’t even know happened. Damn."