50 Cent and radio host Ebro Darden have been at odds for years. For the longest while, Fiddy has not been allowed on Ebro's show and the host cleared up the reason today. The topic came up when discussing the fight that broke out after Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor in battle. Of course, that was one of the biggest talking points of the weekend and while the melee may lead to further promotion for the UFC, it could very well have ended with more injuries or something more serious. As somebody who organizes events on the regular, Ebro chimed in, tapping into promoter mode, saying he would be hesitant about letting the fighters back in his building in the future. He then spoke about why he ended up banning 50 Cent from Hot 97.

"It's happened, it's happened. And I didn't let 50 Cent come back," said Ebro, referring to when 50 caught a chair thrown at him at 2004 Summer Jam. He said that they ended up letting him back after the chair incident and then "the SlowBucks thing" happened. In 2014, 50 Cent snatched SlowBucks' chain and kicked him off stage, resulting in another Summer Jam controversy. Ultimately, it makes sense that after those two episodes, Ebro & Co. would be hesitant about letting him back.

Watch Darden speak on the ban below.