The drama between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun has branched out into a whole other conversation regarding a few other individuals. Fans who are on Taylor's side have now gone after Ed Sheeran, shaming him for his silence in the matter considering he's supposed to be Taylor's good friend. Fans have even accused him of bailing on her considering the role she played in her rise to fame. 

Anna Webber/Getty Images 

"Waiting to hear from ed sheeran, where is his bff ass when taylor needs him to step the fuck up and support her, uh?" one user wrote, while another added, "Fuck Ed Sheeran he’s never stood up for Taylor ever. she fucking took him on tour and featured him on her album when he was growing his career. he writes his music just as well, only difference is as a man he got the pretty side of the coin and gets praise from being a writer."

Ed has finally responded to the matter with a simple comment on Instagram, responding to a user who was giving him the benefit of the doubt. "I have been speaking directly to her, like I always do," he wrote. 

Let's see if he makes an official statement on the matter.