We love a reunion special - especially after a season wrap-up. 

Season 6 of First We Feast's Hot Ones recently welcomed back acclaimed chef and restaurant tycoon Eddie Huang for a postseason bonus. Fans will remember Huang's first appearance as an epic and hilarious display of what one might call a crash and burn. In the episode, Huang decided to begin with the hottest level of spice, a 10, and definitely caught an L. Huang shared with host Sean Evans that to this day, people approach him about the arguably historic episode and say "yo, I saw you burn your d*ck!" 

Upon his return, Huang came to the table with a strategy, preferring to stand and even switched seats with the host to put to rest his sneaking suspicion that his interviewer's hot sauce was not as hot as his. Throughout the episode, Huang and Evans discussed various topics ranging from Gordon Ramsey, the legacy and mentorship of Anthony Bourdain, the art of on camera-interviews, the best travel destinations, and his favorite cities for food which, by the way, are Toronto and LA. Between trying to regain his composure as the levels of spice augment, Huang also touches on his accomplishment as a fashion designer, explains some of his Instagram posts and debates whether or not he belongs on the Hot Ones' wall of shame.

Did Eddie take another L, or secure a W? We'll let you be the judge.