A report emanating out of RadarOnline states that Eddie Murphy won't marry his baby mother unless she signs what's being referred to as "a coffin-tight" prenuptial arrangement. The source confiding in Radar states that his business-like approach on how he feels about his Aussie love Paige Butcher. "He loves Paige and has been devoted to her for years, but make no mistake, they’re not walking down the aisle without a prenup," admits the source.

Eddie Murphy and his ex Tracey Edmonds reportedly split for this very reason. The comedian and Edmonds had arranged an unofficial marriage ritual on a French Polynesian island, only to have their vows completely voided upon hearing of his plans. Upon being presented with the legal documents, Tracey flatly refused the arrangement on personal grounds, the case being people have their own motives in seeking prenups, often in lieu of a 2nd or 3rd marriage taking precedence.

The RadarOnline reports that most of Eddie Murphy's prenuptial posturing is informed by his messy divorce with Nicole Murphy, who took away $15 million in their settlement, even walked away with his given name. Eddie's current partner with who he reportedly presented a prenup clause, is pregnant with the couple's 2nd child, his tenth in total.