The relationship between Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick has been a central focus of Growing Up Hip Hop. As the daughter of Naughty By Nature's Treach and Salt-n-Pepa's Sandra "Pepa" Denton, Egypt has plenty of people looking out for her. The 21-year-old's romance with Sam has often been a point of contention with a few of her friends who don't believe that he has the purest of intentions.

Nevertheless, when Sam proposed, Egypt happily accepted. In a recent episode, the pair decided that it was time for Sam to live his truth so he made a revelation to the cast that left many people floored while at his engagement party. Sam was in the middle of performing when he sang the line, "I'm not straight but I'm not gay" which shocked a few of his friends.

In a speech, Sam spoke about his love for Egypt because she was the first woman he was honest about his past with. He said even after he told her about his two children and his "massive child support" during the first week that they met, Egypt didn't run from him. "Egypt was the first person that I ever told that I had experiences with a trans woman."

Eazy E's son Lil Eazy E said the news took him by surprise and he almost spit his drink out. Angela Simmons was "happy for Sam that he's being open and honest and vulnerable." Dame Dash's son Boogie said he was "shocked" but "not surprised" because "Sam has an outrageous lifestyle." Vanessa Simmons wished them the best, but Egypt expressed her main concern was how her father, who was in the audience, was going to react.

Treach was obviously not happy how things were unfolding. You can watch his, and everyone else's, reaction below.