El Chapo's wife has been the center of attention for moments at a time, during her husband's federal trial in New York City - first as a lobbyist to her spouse, then later as the object of furlough demands that were rebuked by the judge. Emma Coronel Aispuro may not be allowed to embrace her husband while he stands trial, but she has something in mind that might compensate for lost time.

According to the New York Post, Aispuro is dead set on returning to NYC from Mexico to support her husband, but in a different capacity than her last visit. This time around, Aispuro intends on bringing the whole family with her, including the couple's 7-year old twin daughters, who at this point, must have some inclination as to what their Daddy does/did for a living. 

The inclusion of their twin daughters in her travels is intended as an early Christmas gift to her spouse. Of course, the twins and Emma Coronel herself, are still subject to a travel clearance. But if everything goes as planned, El Chapo will be permitted at least one visit from his children. As for El Chapo's wife Emma, nothing has changed - she is still banned from communicating with her spouse, for reasons connected to his drug operation, as you might be aware.