The fight for justice against police brutality continues, and while there have been some positive developments -- namely that officers have been charged in the murder of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks -- there remains much work to be done. The officers who fatally shot Breonna Taylor have yet to be charged, and footage has recently re-surfaced of Elijah McClain's death, which occurred in Colorado at the hands of police last year.

Justice For Elijah McClain

Andy Cross/MediaNewsGroup/The Denver Post via Getty Images

McClain, then 23 years old, was approached by police after a bystander reported his presence as "suspicious." Upon intercepting McClain on his way back from the grocery store, they proceeded to immediately escalate the situation with heightened force, tackling him to the ground and one officer Nathan Woodyard attempting to subdue him with a "control hold." Despite McClain's pleas that he was no threat, he remained understandably panicked and agitated; when paramedics arrived at the scene, they attempted to calm him by injecting him with 500 mg of ketamine. McClain went on to suffer two heart attacks on route to the hospital and was later pronounced brain dead.

Following McClain's death, Adams County District Attorney Dave Young claimed that the three officers involved did not commit any criminal acts, and as such, avoided any charges and eventually returned to active duty. Yet the people remain adamant in their desire for justice, and a new petition has been circulating demanding that the officers involved be taken off the streets and subject to a new investigation. The petition, which aims to receive three million signatures, has already surpassed two million -- should you be interested in helping Elijah McClain see justice, consider signing right here. Those interested in supporting financially can donate to his GoFundMe page here, as organized by his mother Sheneen. 

Rest in peace Elijah McClain.