Future's baby mama drama never really ends, at least when it comes to Eliza Reign. As the rapper's continued to fight off claims that he fathered her child, a claim that DNA tests allegedly confirmed were true, she's asking for child support payments. And she's getting fed up. According to Bossip, she's now trying to have Future behind bars for contempt.

JP Yim/Getty Images

Reign filed a motion in court demanding that the High Off Life rapper is found in contempt after the refused to turn over financial documents. Her lawyer said they've made several requests and still, Future has not disclosed his income information. 

Both sides are set to appear in court later this month over the child support hearing. Future previously explained that he doesn't want to give Reign any information regarding his assets or finances over fears that she'll put his private information out into the public. The judge still demanded that Future cough up the files, though the rapper hasn't obliged. Reign's lawyer is now planning to file a motion in court asking the judge to bring Future to the next hearing to explain why he hasn't brought forth this information.

Jail time might be what Reign is pushing for but the judge also has the option of putting Future on probation or revoking his license.