It is an imperative time in US politics. As the November 6th midterm elections approach, the American media has made considerable strides to remind citizens to become proactive and vote. A slew of influential figures such as Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift have re-iterated the importance of casting a ballot and making one's voice heard. The American edition of popular lifestyle magazine Elle recently attempted to encourage its readers to become registered voters. The manner in which their efforts were executed, however, has generated an acetic outpour criticism from members of its core audience and strangers to the publication alike. 

Yesterday, the publication shared a link on their twitter account which boasts over 6 million followers which reads "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are splitting up," followed by expressive emojis, and a link to a page many assumed would provide an in-depth explanation of the reasons behind the Wests' uncoupling. Instead, readers were redirected to a page which encouraging viewers to vote. The tweet has divided social media with many criticizing the publication for duping its readership. Author of the critically acclaimed novel, Bad Feminist Roxane Gay wrote, “Who do you think you are reaching with this? Guess what? One can be civic minded and interested in celebrity gossip.” Another Twitter user commented, "You have to wonder why anyone would get upset about an effort to get people to participate in their democracy."

The magazine has since issued an apology for the tweet saying, "Our passion for voter registration clouded our judgment and we are sincerely sorry." What is your take on the matter?