It wasn't the greatest summer for Ellen DeGeneres.

The famed daytime talk show host is a household name but, in the workplace, she's a name that her employees would likely rather forget about. According to testimonies from several of her former and current employees, Ellen's talk show is an extremely toxic environment. The comments made by her staff, which included members from all departments, went viral, threatening to have Ellen pulled off the air entirely. 

The host ended up sticking it out, explaining the controversy on the premiere episode of the new season.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As she continues to reconstruct her image, Ellen appears to be switching things up in the hair department. She regularly rocks a pixie cut, and she had been for years, but, this week, she switched things up and debuted a more edgy look. The 62-year-old showed off her new slicked-back style as she joked about Cardi B's nude image leak.

"I want to talk about Cardi B," said Ellen on her show. "Last week some nude picture of her-- I guess they were on the internet. And someone said she leaked out her own nudes. I had a nude picture that leaked as well and, since it's out there already, I thought I would show you my-- here's my nude pic." She cut to one of her logos which simply shows her face with her eyes looking up.

What do you think of her new look?