Ellen DeGeneres always finds a way to keep her show entertaining with new guests, and recently, she sat down with America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell. Many of you were first introduced to Cowell as the grumpy judge from American Idol over a decade ago. His callous remarks and insensitive behavior made him an instant favorite, and also solidified him as one of the most popular smack talkers in Hollywood. 

It looks like Cowell deserves some judging himself though. He sat down on Ellen to discuss a number of topics. First, Ellen inqured about Cowell's new "no cell phone" policy. "I went one month, and then I went two months, I sound like an alcoholic here," began Cowell. "I realized that I'm not doing this so much (looks down at the floor), I'm doing that (looks up and around). I'm more present, I've got a better memory, and If people want to get a hold of you, they can get a hold of you."

Cowell and Ellen then touch on the former's new cycling habit. She brought up a picture of Cowell on an electric bike on the PCH. “First of all, you shouldn’t call it cycling, it’s an electric bike,” DeGeneres ridiculed Cowell. “No, you still have to cycle,” Cowell argued. “Well also,” Degeneres continued. “You should be wearing a helmet.” She then gifts Cowell with a helmet made to look like helmet hair.