Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" is a smash hit which still sits atop the Billboard Charts and has been for a while now. Along with its accumulated success, the viral yee-haw track also inspired several renditions. Of these, we include that of an Alabama mathematics teacher who chose to remix the song with her own lyrics. The original bars were swapped for mathematic-focused lyrics which uplifted pupils and affirmed an ability to succeed in class. The educational song has gone viral shortly after the teacher shared it and even Lil Nas X saw it. The genius idea later led to an invitation to appear on the Ellen show. 

Upon her arrival on the show, third-grade teacher Jasmine Merlette was greeted by Wanda Sykes. Following a series of questions and chatter, Sykes announced to Merlette that she would be receiving $10,000 dollars. The gift was courtesy of Shutterfly, an organization which specializes in image-publishing services such as photo books. The company gifted the teacher whose video garnered a large and positive response from social media. Evidently, Jasmine Merlette was overwhelmed with emotions once she received the gift and was thoroughly thankful. Congratulations to Jasmine Merlette on the big win.