Ellen Degeneres kicked off her talk show on Thursday speaking about a topic she touches on quite often: dancing. Ellen loves to dance, and her friend and hip-hop dancer Stephen "tWitch" Boss put her on to a new move that caught her attention. Entitled "Orange Justice," the swaying dance looks utterly confusing and hard to master but it's really just a trick of the eye. In the end, the dancer just sways his or her legs left and right while also moving both arms in a crossing and waving motion. 

The popular move was invented by a Fortnite player during their dance competition. A young boy dressed in an orange t-shirt didn't win the competition at first, but his viral dance move became so successful that Fortnite added it to the game anyway. After learning the dance move came from Fortnite, Ellen invited world renown streamer Ninja on to her show to teach her how to play. The talk show host and comedian couldn't seem to get over the fact that someone decided to mix dancing and killing, two things she seemed to believe shouldn't be placed together. Still, she takes part in the video game but is killed by Dez Bryant, or someone using his name. Ninja claims it's the real Dez, but with gaming tags, you can never be sure. Then again, Ninja does play with celebrities often.