Ellen DeGeneres has reached optimal levels of success. She started her career by doing stand-up and gained a wealth of fans while starring in her own sitcom. Now she is the TV show host of one of the most popular daytime programs on national television. People now say things like, "Let's get that kid on Ellen, he's gonna be famous." She's that big. 

We can't say that her return to stand-up has been long-awaited since the masses have grown fond of her presence on their television screens. Still, this is definitely an exciting announcement. The prospect of experiencing how her performance style may have changed after maturing in the public eye is enticing. I wonder if she will divert from her family-friendly persona. It's not likely, but it would be a refreshing shift, considering our daily dose of that particular brand. Is she going to incorporate dancing into her routine? Will she go in like never before? We'll see.

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