Elon Musk is a bit of a controversial figure for a whole host of reasons. He has frequently put his own foot in his mouth on Twitter, especially when it comes to space travel and his incessant need to post memes that have been stolen from smaller accounts. Musk certainly has a whole brigade of adoring fans, however, and they're mostly always by his side to shield him from any sort of criticism that may ever come his way.

Recently, it was announced that Musk would be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 8th, which had many people feeling upset. Some don't believe Musk should be given such a platform, especially since he comes across like an out-of-touch billionaire, at least to SNL's target audience.

Elon Musk

Maja Hitij/Getty Images

In fact, the controversy surrounding Musk's appearance is so grand, that according to Page Six, SNL cast members have been told that they will not be forced to appear in sketches with the Tesla CEO. Numerous cast members like Bowen Yang, Aidy Bryant, and even Michael Che have poked fun at the idea of Musk on the show and at this point, it seems like he might have some trouble fitting in.

All of this begs the question: why did SNL even invite him on in the first place? Regardless, Musk seems excited and he's already started brainstorming some sketches for the occasion.