On April's Fools, Elon Musk jumped on Twitter, teasing his followers with news that he'd obtained a liquor license to produce Tesla-themed tequila. A few days later, he followed up the initial Tweet with a well-meaning joke about the sudden crashing effect tequila had on his personal well-being. The subsequent Tweets included a narrative of Chapter 14 bankruptcy, as well a picture of him drunk-asleep next to a cardboard poster reading: "Bankwupt!" as if he'd sunken to a new low as a panhandler.

While there is no guarantee "Teslaquila" will ever hit the market, Elon did respond to reports he'd filed a trademark for "distilled agave liquor” and a "distilled blue agave liquor." After confirming the correctness of the report, he then proceeded to post a mock-up label for the proposed tequila venture.

According to CNBC, a foray into the liquor and spirits industry wouldn't be the strangest business propositions to enter his mind. Earlier in 2018, Musk announced that he'd sold 20,000 units of a Tesla-branded flamethrower. From the looks of it, Elon is finding plenty of ways to offset all the misery caused by his incredible workload at Tesla. Musk is currently being sued by the SEC for misleading investors with Tweets insinuating that his company would go private (it didn't).