If there's one reality that we can all agree on, it's that those Tesla Trucks aren't going to buy themselves, people. Especially not when a coronavirus-related recession continues to wreak havoc on the American economy. Unfortunately, many health experts are wary about fully committing to a full-scale "reopening" of the country, putting them at odds with several gung-ho individuals seeking to salvage what remains of business normalcy. Of course, such is a gross oversimplification of a complicated socio-political-economic discourse -- suffice it to say, people are growing increasingly divided on what America's best move should be.

Elon Musk

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Now, Elon Musk has emerged to lend his resonant voice to the choir. Taking to Twitter, Musk slammed down on the all-caps button and let fly a cry of "FREE AMERICA NOW." The decisive tone and message were enough to incite both ends of the political spectrum, and before long "Elon" was among the trending topics -- this time, no "RIP Harambe" anthem in sight. Given that many hold Musk in high esteem, be it for his intelligence or his influence, it's no wonder his message elicited such passionate responses. 

At this point, the widespread debate only promises to get more vitriolic, with the likes of Tomi Lahren already likening social distancing measures to willful slavery. It's unclear as to what prompted Elon Musk to take such a firm stance, as he has yet to elaborate on his reasoning. While it feels like this one is destined for a Donald Trump retweet, perhaps people should consider staying their hand until Musk breaks his position down further. These days, it feels easier to throw stones than to listen to a viewpoint you don't agree with. Where do you stand on Elon's "FREE AMERICA" movement?