Elton John recently revealed some wild stories and trivia about his life on “Elton John: Uncensored,” a 57-minute long interview he did exclusively with BBC1. During the lengthy chat, John revealed a time where he peed himself on stage in front of his fans.

In 2017, John performed a show in Las Vegas just two weeks after having a prostate cancer operation that impacted his bladder control. As a result, he wore a diaper on stage and says in the interview that he was pissing himself on stage.

“If only they knew,” he says of his audience during that gig, “at that moment I was pissing myself.”

The singer was diagnosed with the cancer in 2017 and had surgery shortly after, instead of undergoing chemotherapy. The operation was successful, but an infection days later nearly killed him, he says in his memoir, Me.

In addition to that, Elton John also opened up his decision to wear a toupee. “I don’t like being bald. I look like Shrek,” the pop icon explained.

Read all that & much more in the full interview right here.