The Snickers "You aren't you when you're hungry" campaign has delivered several funny commercials and ads over the years. Most recently, Snickers released a commercial that put a twist on their slogan. They displayed a man who hops out of a car in frustration because people act irrationally when they're hungry. For a moment, it appeared that Snickers was going to continue down that path for their future commercials, but they have reverted back to the role-swapping hunger angle. This time though, Snickers has decided to highlight hip-hop culture in their ad. 

In the latest hunger based ad, a rap battle ensues within a party that looks like it's placed in an inner city neighboorhood. After the first competitor finishes his verbal assault, the contender steps into the cypher. Instead of a rapper, Elton John enters the battle and begins to sing. Before he can complete his alarming acapella, a friend steps forward and offers him a Snickers. "You always lose your edge when you're hungry" implies Elton's friend. As we've seen in past commercials, one bite of a Snickers transforms the out-of-place Elton back into his "original" form, which happens to be a battle rapper. The hip-hop moment is then free to continue without the fear of classic rock interfering with the vibe.