Eminem jumped on Instagram about an hour ago with his pitch of the #silentridechallenge based around the Boogie song of the same name. Trouble is, nobody seems to know what the challenge actually entails. Issuing a dance challenge is rather unprecedented territory for Eminem, who for all intents and purposes, is the Webster definition of rapper-like stoicism.

"Silent Ride" is essentially the second single off Boogie's studio debut Everythings for Sale, and the first music video released since the album was signed, sealed and delivered. The concept Boogie decided upon for the "Silent Ride" video is the backward execution of a baptism/cleansing ritual, in which the protagonist rapper renunciates all of his vices, over a sped up timeline. Boogie begins with his head wrapt underwater and closes the video packed away in a four-door sedan, about to commit a hoo-ride with some accomplices.

Nowhere in the non-linear timeline of the video, does Boogie do a shimmy dance, as instructed by Eminem in the second slide of his Instagram pitch - but Shady Records are nonetheless interested in supporting the movement because they want to see Boogie succeed in the long run. The "Eminem" Subreddit is under the impression the #silentride is sort of an open gauntlet challenge with no clear parameters. So, if you are so inclined, make something of your spare time; it could amount to Boogie going viral for a hot minute. That's the big idea, I would assume.