This week, a couple of hilarious parodies started popping up on Twitter, courtesy of Rick & Morty writer Caitie Delaney. While she has no experience as an audio engineer, she knows that life on the other side of the glass must be difficult at times. Sometimes, there's that one artist that comes through with a magical new song but the rest of your clients have no clue what they're doing on the microphone. Delaney has always found one particular artist-to-engineer interaction quite comical, and her recreation of it has gone viral.

At the beginning of "What's Luv," Fat Joe yells at the recording engineer to turn the mic on. "Mic is on?" asks the rapper. Delaney imagined what it must have been like to be recording Joe at the time, mouthing back her responses through the imaginary glass. Her sarcastic reactions make the video incredibly entertaining. 

She wasn't finished after the Fat Joe video though, also laughing at Chief Keef, Kanye West and Jay-Z. She also takes a dig at Eminem after asking for more snare in his headphones at the beginning of "Cleanin' Out My Closet." Hopefully, this becomes a regular series for Delaney. Some of these are just too funny for it to end here. Check them out and let us know your favorite.