Master P is a legend in the game. Only those with the attention span of goldfish pay little mind to his accomplishments hip-hop history, from founding No Limit records to making the unlikeliest of sources say "UGH." Those who pioneer a distinct musical moment in time deserve a spot in the history books, and the New Orleans mogul has long earned his stripes. Considering the nature of his roots, one can only imagine his rise to prominence was a fascinating story. Luckily, P is in the process of readying his documentary From The Hood To Hollywood, which is set to premiere at some point in 2019.

Today, P took to Instagram to post a screencap from the film, while making a notable co-sign in the process. Though we've occasionally heard salty rappers take shots at Em, the majority of real ones recognize his legendary status. Master P counts himself among those with respect for Slim, as evidenced by his latest post. "

"Some of us made it through difficult times even when it looked impossible. Put God first and you can overcome any obstacle. Stop thinking about what you can't do and go chase your dream," writes P. "We did it you can too. FROM THE HOOD TO HOLLYWOOD the documentary coming 2019." He makes sure to tag Em in the process, ensuring that the inspirational message is passed on. As of now, we're not entirely sure what the rappers were discussing, but Em's 50 Cent hat suggests that the meeting took place between 2003 and 2005. Real recognize real, as they say.

The image can be seen on Master P's Instagram feed, right here.