Eminem is known to take shots at the innocent in his lyrics, whether it's part of a diss track or a simple single. His latest production aimed at Machine Gun Kelly made some people upset because of its inclusion of Rihanna in the mix. 

Samantha Ronson is one of those people who hold this opinion about "Killshot."

"I think it's misogynistic and homophobic. He's smarter than that and he's proven that he's smarter than that. It just seems like some real, like, lazy writing. Rihanna is running an empire. She's busy. She isn't putting hickeys on your neck."

Ronson wonders why Eminem would think his name-dropping formed a "good diss."

"Rihanna had nothing to do with any of it [...] We all know Rihanna isn't kissing your neck, you f*cking old man. Go back and play your video games."

The DJ feels as though Eminem should "keep women out of it," especially when they are unrelated to the feud in the first place.

"It's just misogynistic and it just seems childish, and like, a 4-year-old thing to do when, literally, Rihanna has no game in this and you're insulting her [...] You're basically calling Rihanna a whore to get back at Machine Gun Kelly and his man bun."

She mocks them with a suggestion for how they could squash their beef.

"The beard and the man bun. You guys should just go to the groomers together."