Eminem is undoubtedly a hit in New Zealand. The rapper's been on the Shady Rapture Tour throughout Australia and New Zealand for the past few weeks. Last night, he performed at WestPac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand where he broke the attendance record that was set in the early 2000s.

Eminem continues to prove that he's the biggest rapper in the world to this day. His show at WestPac Stadium set a new record for attendance at the venue. According to NewHub, he brought out 46,474 which is nearly 4000 more than the previous record holder. Robbie Williams set the record in 2001 with 42,500.

"Eminem is one of the greatest showmen in the world, with a fiercely loyal fan base that continues to grow with each tour," said promoter Paul Dainty. "He is no stranger to selling out stadium shows, but he is continuing to break attendance records across both New Zealand and Australia, which is just phenomenal."

This isn't the only record Em's broken on this tour. Last week, it was revealed that he shattered the attendance record at Melbourne, Austrlia's MCG with 80,708 tickets sold.

While the rapper hit tour in Australia and New Zealand, we're hoping that we'll be able to see him on tour at some point this year in North America. We'll keep you posted more Eminem tour info as it surfaces.