Eminem isn't exactly what you might call a social media fiend, so whenever he does pad his timeline, it's easy to take notice. And though he might fire off a joke or two on rare occasions, more often than not he uses his platform to support his friends and collaborators. In this particular case, it's both -- Sway Calloway, the legendary media personality who currently holds it down on Sway In The Morning over at Shade 45, Em's Sirius XM radio station. Not to mention, the man who showed Eminem major support at the onset of his career. 

Sway Calloway

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Sway Calloway has officially been nominated for the Radio Hall Of Fame, and given his lofty resume and general pedigree as an upstanding citizen, he feels like a shoo-in; as anyone who has ever listened to Sway's morning show, that much is evident. It's no surprise that both Shady Records and Eminem alike have shared their endorsements. "If anyone deserves to be in the National Radio Hall of Fame it’s our old friend @RealSway," writes Shady Records, on Twitter. Man of few words anywhere but a mic, Eminem seconded the notion: "Vote for Sway!"

Though the voting has since closed, it's clear that Em's call to action inspired many fans and Shade 45 listeners alike to rally behind Calloway's cause. Though the results have yet to land, it wouldn't be surprising to see Calloway lock it down. Even without Eminem's weighty co-sign, the man has built up a sterling reputation as a media journalist, and quality does tend to be rewarded over time. At least, we can only hope so. Good luck, Sway!