Eminem is set to play one date in Wellington, New Zealand next year. Ticket sales for the March 2nd show have yet to go on sale, but the enthusiasm for the performance is felt through hotel bookings in the city. The vast majority of accommodations in the area are taken.

Jeremy Smith of Hospitality New Zealand Wellington branch said hotels were "slammed" with calls and bookings within minutes of the show's announcement.

"It was a mad flurry of calls to the hotel basically an hour after it was announced." 

"I would suspect if people couldn't get tickets there will be a flurry of cancellations." 

Ticket sales officially open on Tuesday, October 23.

Smith bring reassurance for those who might not have secured accommodations due to companies like Airbnb.

"There are always other options and that market is growing all the time."

"I'd say there won't be any issue in terms of supply, there will be accommodation for everyone who wants to come to Wellington for that weekend." 

Airbnb, however, claims 96% of their March 2 options for two adults in Wellington are already reserved.

Some residents of Wellington are even opening their own homes for the occasion. A Facebook page was erected with the sole goal of making sure everyone has a place to stay during the weekend of Eminem's performance.