It certainly wasn't your typical Super Bowl this year. Like most things that have occurred in the past 12 months, attendance was limited yet many were fully tuned in, even if they aren't football fans. Some were there for the commercials while others were waiting for The Weeknd's performance. Those that would typically be capturing every moment of their experience at the Super Bowl on their IG Story were at home. With the exception of Meek Mill and Lil Baby, of course.

Even though the stadium wasn't packed, they still found a way to make it look like it was for those viewing at home. Cut-outs of people were packed in the seats with some of hip-hop's favorite acts even having a few places. Tyga and DaBaby both had little cut-outs of themselves seated separately in the crowds. "They ain’t have enough seats for the gang so I said fuck it & sent twin on a private jet.
Enjoy the game bro," wrote DaBaby on his post. 

The now-infamous Bernie Sanders inauguration meme was seated behind Eminem. Elsewhere in the crowd was YG whose cut-out was placed right next to another cut-out of a baby. "I’m at the game by this baby smelling like straight tequila," wrote YG.

Hopefully, by the time the 2021 Super Bowl comes around, there won't be a need for cut-outs.