computer-generated deepfake song has been released, showing what it would sound like if Eminem ever dropped a diss track against Mark Zuckerberg.

During his storied career, Eminem has not been afraid to share his real thoughts about his rivals, including Canibus, Machine Gun Kelly, Ja Rule, Mariah Carey, and others. He's a diss track legend, with his battle rap background coming into play every time he enters a new rivalry.

As his career begins to slow down, Eminem is releasing less and less music, content with how his discography is looking these days. We're likely to get a few more Eminem albums before he retires, and only at that point, we'll be relegated to deepfake versions of new music from him.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Deepfake audio technology has become so convincing that a new record that popped up on the internet, pretending to be from Eminem, is getting people excited for new music from the Detroit rapper. YouTube channel Calamity AI teamed up with another channel, 30HZ, to come up with an Eminem diss song about Mark Zuckerberg. 

Johannes Simon/Getty Images

"An Eminem diss-track written by Artificial Intelligence," explained Calamity AI about the song. "We inputted the title ‘Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem’ and let the A.I. write the rest. From there, we sent the lyrics to 30HZ, who synthesized and created the vocals. The audio was not record by Eminem."

As Uproxx points out, the lyrics aren't that scathing. There are hit-or-miss moments, like when deepfake Em jokes about Zuck's manhood, as well as when he comes for the tech mogul's wife

Check out the song above and see for yourself how scary accurate deepfake technology is getting.