It's no secret that Eminem has long harbored a dislike of the Republican party, having previously issued incendiary takedown tracks in the anti-Bush anthem "Mosh" and the more recent "Like Home," which found him taking aim at current President Donald Trump. And with the United States election set to be decided tomorrow, Eminem has officially come forward to endorse Democratic candidate Joe Biden, taking to Twitter to share a new Biden campaign ad -- one that prominently features his classic track "Lose Yourself." 

Eminem Joe Biden

 Christopher Polk/Getty Images

"One opportunity... #Vote," writes Eminem, sharing the ad on his official Twitter page. Though he has been actively vocal in his dislike for Donald Trump, it should be noted that this Biden endorsement marks the first time he has licensed his music for a political cause. And in the nick of time, it would seem, given how many rappers have come forward to endorse Donald Trump in the eleventh hour. In fact, his longtime friend and collaborator Lil Wayne stands among them, though 50 Cent appears to have switched his alignment from Trump to Biden -- at least, publically.

Should you be interested in seeing how Eminem's music fares in a campaign ad, check out the "One Opportunity: Joe Biden For President 2020" clip below. At this point, it's unclear as to what the outcome will be -- one has to wonder if Eminem's influence will bring any new voters to the table. Lord knows he'll have more than a few thoughts on a Trump victory, should it end up happening. Check out the ad for yourself below, if only to see Em's newly licensed music in action.