When Eminem jumped on stage in the middle of the 2020 Academy Awards, everybody in the crowd and at home was equally surprised. For starters, the rapper barely ever leaves the house. If he does, something big is going on. On top of that, his single "Lose Yourself," which he was asked to sing, was released over a decade prior, making his appearance all the more confusing. To the naked eye, it would appear as though his performance went off without a hitch. During his recent spot on Mike Tyson's Hotboxin' podcast, however, he explained what went seriously wrong.

Eminem Mike Tyson Oscars
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

After getting through the first verse, Eminem tells Mike Tyson that he felt something hanging between his legs before realizing that the mic pack he clipped onto his belt had come loose. None of this was shown on camera, but he apparently tried frantically to get it back in its position and, when he finally succeeded, the song was already over.

"We rehearsed for that shit... I know the words to 'Lose Yourself,' but we rehearsed that shit extra extra extra just so we didn't fuck that up. And that was the one thing we didn't plan for. And of course it went wrong. I was like 'motherfuck...'"

The full episode with Mike Tyson and Eminem is available below. What was your favorite part of the interview?