Eminem has been killing it this October. First, he broke the internet with a Donald Trump blasting cypher at the BET Awards, which people are still discussing to this day. Next, he managed to score a big win against a New Zealand conservative political party, with his publishing company 8 Mile Style earning $415,000 U.S. in a recent lawsuit. Last night, Paul Rosenberg revealed his new album title, Revival, through a brilliant marketing campaign. Today, it was revealed that Eminem intends to put his legally acquired fortune to good use, as a representative confirmed that Slim will be donating the entirety of his proceeds to Hurricane relief. The representative also reinforces the fact that Eminem himself had no role in initiating the lawsuit against the New Zealand party.

“Eminem was not a party to this lawsuit nor was he consulted regarding the case,” the rep said in a statement. “Any monetary settlement he receives from it will be donated to hurricane relief.  He encourages the plaintiffs, 8 Mile Style, to do the same.” While there's no telling how much Eminem will rake in from this lawsuit, it's a generous move from the "Rap God," especially if 8 Mile Style follow in his humanitarian footsteps.

In case you were wondering, the lawsuit went down over a political party using a piece of music titled "Eminem-esque" in one of their campaign commercials. The problem was, "Eminem-esque" was basically a carbon copy of Em's "Lose Yourself," a sentiment echoed by the sitting judge. Eminem has a history of making charitable donations, and the rapper previously made some donations after the tragic Manchester bombing. As I stated in that article, it's becoming increasingly clear that the "bad guy who makes fun of people that die" has been hiding a heart of gold, a la The Grinch, this entire time.

Stay tuned for more news on Em, including all things Revival.