Eminem is filled with the stuff of legends and he's about to hit a new pinnacle, with the official music video for "Rap God" nearing one billion total views. There is nobody quite like Eminem in the rap game today. Big Daddy Kane revealed that, if he were tasked with choosing Kobe Bryant's hip-hop equivalent, he would opt for Eminem, which makes a lot of sense. Both icons used their sheer talent to power forward in their careers. Marshall Mathers is fresh off the release of his brand new album Music To Be Murdered By, which has been performing extremely well on the charts, and he's about to experience a new kind of feeling when "Rap God," one of his most popular songs of all time, reaches the billion views point on YouTube.

Establishing a new countdown on his website, Eminem invited all of his fans to wait with him as he tracks the total number of views for the "Rap God" video, which is creeping all the way up to one billion. At the rate things are moving, "Rap God" will hit that point before the end of the day and Em is asking for one final push to get him over the hump.

If anything, this speaks to how impactful Eminem remains today. If you're ever unsure of his status as a god of rap, look no further than these stats. Congratulations, Marshall!