The tragic death of Kobe Bryant forced a lot of people to think about legacy in the intersecting worlds of sports and music, and in a new podcast appearance, Big Daddy Kane was prompted to name who he thinks is the closest thing to Kobe in hip-hop history. His answer makes a lot of sense.

One of the all-time rap greats called into Cherie's World podcast with Cherie Johnson, explaining that he believes Eminem is the rap equivalent to Kobe Bryant. Telling a story about how he first met Kobe Bryant and his reaction after hearing of his tragic passing, Big Daddy Kane noted that he believes the closest thing to Kobe in hip-hop would be Em.

Big Daddy Kane Eminem Kobe Bryant
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Without giving much explanation, Big Daddy Kane's choice is actually pretty accurate, if you ask me. He speaks about how, before meeting Kobe, he was informed about his "cocky and arrogant" reputation, however, the basketball legend proved that incorrect in a few minutes. Eminem also doesn't have the squeakiest reputation. BDK went on to discuss how Kobe rose the ranks because of his pure talent on the court, which is another thing he has in common with Marshall Mathers. The Detroit icon earned his self-proclaimed Rap God title by being one of the best in his field, proving his superiority instead of simply stating it.

Watch what Big Daddy Kane had to say below.