Eminem has made myriad references to his multiple courtroom stints, and he's about to add another one to his repertoire. Sort of. Back in 2014, Eminem and his publishing team sued New Zealand's National Party for copyright infringement over a blatant "Lose Yourself" rip-off used in a publicity commercial:

The trial has officially kicked off this week, sans Eminem, who was not present for the proceedings. His legal team held it down in his absence, going so far as to explain the empowering message behind "Lose Yourself," which has made it such a valuable commodity for advertisers.

The true fun begins in the footage below, where "Lose Yourself" and the rip-off titled "Eminem Esque" are played back to back. In what feels like a bad Family Guy gag, both songs are played for what feels like an endless amount of time. Not a word is spoken, and the combined movement of the legal attendees is nigh imperceptible. Entire galaxies expand and collapse, species evolve ten different steps, and trees grow and wither during the infinite crawl. 


Now that we've all aged twenty years, gaining a deeper insight into music in the process, it's evident that Eminem is poised for a victory here. "Eminem Esque" doesn't even try to emulate the producer's signature sound, opting instead for a carbon copy. The trial is set to last six days, which leaves plenty more time for some intense listening sessions.