When Eminem first emerged onto the scene, his scathing, satirical wit went over the heads of parents across the nation. Now, nearly twenty years removed from the Marshall Mathers LP, Em has premiered some new moves often practiced by uncles in various states of inebriation. In fact, the pelvic thrust has long been a staple in the amateur dance circle since the release of Grease in 1978. One might very well gather that Em is indeed a fan, considering the enthusiasm with which he broke it down during a recent Hannover set. 

The rapper took to Instagram to show off his latest endeavors, which find him essentially channeling his inner Chris Brown, albeit to the best of his admittedly limited ability. As the band plays sporadic bursts, Em accentuates the chords with furious pelvic thrusts, showcasing a well-established chemistry with his touring band. What truly makes this interesting is the fact that he ended up closing his entire set with this exuberant display, giving fans a well-earned memory to take home.

Is this breaking news? Absolutely not. But Em's sense of humor has consistently proved a source of delight for fans, and to see him out there living life is undeniably refreshing. Perhaps his jokes have veered a little bit into dad territory. Yet that only gives them an endearing sense of cringe-worthy charm.