As one of the biggest names to ever grace the stage, Eminem is a legend in the city of Detroit. Recognizable everywhere he goes, Em chooses to be mainly reclusive, not leaving his house much. While he is still actively releasing music with the Revival drop late last year, it is unexpected when Eminem is going to strike next. His social media is often only used for promotional purposes with not much ever being revealed about his personal life. The rapper made a rare addition to his Instagram page today to show off the reissued Marshall Mathers Detroit Tigers jersey, which will soon become available.

With the MLB season just about ready to begin, Eminem continues to rep his hometown Tigers as the regular season is just around the corner. The limited edition jersey is not yet available but early registration has begun for the Eminem-branded jersey that is sure to sell out. With the number 8 recalling his famous movie 8 Mile and the name Mathers across the back, the apparel is printed on a classic Detroit Tigers jersey.

Em posted the drop on Instagram with the caption, "Return of the classic!" If you're interested in copping the jersey, click here and view the image below.