Eminem Releases Social Media-Based Lyric Video For "Untouchable"

Alex Zidel
February 16, 2018 09:26

Eminem is woke in the political-themed lyric video for "Untouchable."

Eminem has been in the game for years and he's always touched upon risky subjects, and we see him take a political angle on "Untouchable." The Revival cut got a lyric video that does the song and its content justice. The world loves to react on social media following any unfortunate event that takes place - a shooting, an attack or a threat of any kind - and Em captures this element of social "wokeness" perfectly. 

The lyric video is one of the most innovative in a while, with each lyric of the track passing by as if scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter news feed, viewing a YouTube video or peeping an Instagram live stream. Many lyric videos can be uninspired and it's nice to see Em thinking out of the box to create a refreshing take on the Revival song.

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