It's been well over a decade since Eminem reveled in the center of seemingly every fiery controversy in popular culture. Never before had an artist dragged so many bystanders into his path of destruction. His assaults were ghastly, yet outstanding displays of rhyme, cadence and character. In the years of his prime, many would step foolishly into his crossfire, while others simply had it coming. The rest caught stray bullets.

This is not an account of half-hearted jabs, backdoor barbs, or even "shade." This is the insidious, unabashed, fully-automatic, below the belt, between the eyes, kamikaze account of Marshall Mathers' lyrical onslaughts of celebrities. 

Now, would the real Slim Shady, please, continue to enjoy sobriety and eternal supremacy as one of the all-time great American artists.

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