Many are familiar with Eminem's childhood in Detroit home through his album covers. First featured on his seminal Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, and revisited on the cover of MMLPII, which dropped this week.

TMZ reports that the home -- which is now abandoned -- was badly burned in a fire Thursday night. The house apparently sustained damage to the second floor, but fire fighters were able to isolate the flames, and prevented them from spreading to the rest of the house.

The fire is reported to have begun around 6:20 PM, but the cause is still unknown.

Em's former home was purchased by his mother in 1987 for $19,900, and has passed through close to 10 owners since. After failing to be sold for $500 at auction, it remains owned by the bank.

[UPDATE: Eminem's Childhood Home Demolished]

Eminem's childhood home, which has been infamously featured on the covers of MMLP and MMLP2, was damaged in the beginning of November by a fire, as we reported above.

Although the home was saved before a fire consumed it, this past Wednesday the decision was made to demolish 19946 Dresden. According to Michigan Land Bank, which had ownership of the property, the home was “structurally unsafe” due to the damaged caused by the fire.

[via HHNM]