Remember the classic cypher from Eminem and the Slaughterhouse gang a few years back at the BET Hip-Hop Awards? Well good news, the gang is about to do it all over again.

To promote their upcoming Shady XV album and celebrate the 15 year history of Shady Records, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, & Yelawolf are teaming up with Vevo and hitting us with a new cypher fittingly titled "Shady CXVPHER". Tonight, the gang made the announcement by releasing this new trailer, which introduces each member in the cypher and their respective cities that they’re from.

“My Name is Marshall. Im reppin' that motherfuckin’ Motor City bitch!” -Eminem

The much anticipated visual is expected to be released tomorrow (Friday). So stay tuned for that as you wont want to miss this.

Peep the trailer below, and while you're at it, get warmed up by re-watching their first cypher here.