For the most part, Eminem has opted to retain the same energy he once harnassed two decades ago. "TBT to ‘99!" he captions, in the unveiling of his new wave of Slim Shady LP merch. "Just didn’t & still don’t give a fuck." The accompanying picture reveals a new batch of designs, which implement the back cover of his major label debut, along with a complete list of "Slim Shady" tour dates on the back. You can check out the new designs below, and should you be interested in copping some of them, head over to Em's shop right here. 

In fact, several alternative designs are accessible in the lookbook section, many of which implement the album's iconic designs. The anthropomorphic pills, the mischevious drug-addicted mummy, and of course the cover itself are all given a moment in the spotlight. Interested buyers can invest as soon as tomorrow, when the full capsule goes on sale.

Should you be feeling nostalgic, be sure to check out some of photographer Danny Hasting's experiences working with Em, in which he praises the lyricists "maniacal genius" and then some. Still got love for the Slim Shady LP? 

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images