A few weeks back, DMX offered up an open challenge to his former collaborator Jay-Z, inviting the legendary rapper to partake in a Verzuz battle. While the offer was ultimately unanswered, the debate that ensued served as a reminder of both artist's respective legacies -- though consensus seemed to favor Jay-Z and his relentless, classic-filled catalog. In any case, Swizz Beatz has remained interested in finding an opponent for X, and Noreaga recently teased that one may have been found in Eminem.

DMX Eminem

Mark Davis/Getty Images

"This moment is so Legend," captions N.O.R.E, alongside an image of himself and DMX. "3 minutes before this @therealswizzz CALLS X and says Eminem is down for that smoke and X SAY HE CAN GET BUT I STILL WANT JAY HAHA SO CLASSIC BEHIND THE SCENES SHIT SORRY IF I WASNT POST TO SAY NOTHING but I had to DMX VS SLIM SHADY??? What y’all think??? I’m riding wit the DOG!!!"

Though X remains set on Jay-Z, the idea of seeing the "Go To Sleep" collaborators reuniting for a spirited Instagram duel of the hits would be a monumental occurrence indeed. It would certainly be interesting to see how Eminem would prepare for a battle against DMX; would he arrange his setlist to feature some of his darker, grimier cuts? We could only hope. When we asked fans which of the two had the better debut album a few years ago, the ensuing discussion proved that the pair were indeed well matched. Were they two face off in modern times, who would you place your money on?