While it's not uncommon to see Eminem ranked rather highly in matters of lyrical pedigree, those who value the artform know Royce Da 5'9" isn't far away. There's a reason that Bad Meets Evil finds them operating on equal ground, the perfect counterpart to one another; both share a gleeful appreciation of gallows humor, a penchant for wordplay, and the ridiculous ability for seeking and destroying new pockets. Now, with 2020 bringing Eminem's Music To Be Murdered By and Royce's The Allegory so wonderfully into our lives, some circles have been debating as to whether Bad has surpassed Evil once and for all.

Eminem Royce Da 5'9"

Catherine McGann/Getty Images

Remember that this is hip-hop, and ranking things is simply par for the course. Seeing as both Eminem and Royce are battle-tested scholars of the Detroit rap scene, cutting their teeth in heated lyrical battles and furthering their own craft through healthy competition, it's a fair question. After all, Em recently told KXNG Crooked that matching Royce is one of his main creative inspirations, high praise from a rapper who has seemingly mastered his domain. On the other side, Royce has been standing proudly beside Em for years, never failing to acknowledge his skill, passion, and ability to outshine even the deadliest emcees. 

If their recent records are any indication, both Bad and Evil alike are operating at a newfound level of confidence. While we patiently wait for a sequel to Hell: The Sequel, it seems like as good a time as any to test the waters. Should you count yourself a fan of Em and Royce's movement, where do you stand? Insofar as mastery of the craft, which of the two is operating at a higher plane of existence? And remember - most importantly, that this is not meant to pit two friends against each other; it's simply in the name of good fun and spirited competition.

With that in mind, are you riding for Nickle or Slim? Bad or Evil? The Allegory or Music To Be Murdered By?