Labor Day 2018 is here, which means that the Summer is pretty much over and it's time to start thinking about the holiday season. No, that's not an excuse to start slamming Pumpin Spice beer or hanging skeletons on your windows. It simply means that the days of Summer vacations, children playing in the streets, and the avoidance of serious relationships are drawing to a close. The holiday season is almost synonymous with cuffing season, but before the weather dips, Dairy Queen has a hook up while the air is still warm. 

Dairy Queen's deal isn't dependent on Labor Day, but the fast-food chain is making a point to promote the special for the holiday. Customers will be blessed with a free small Blizzard when they download the DQ app on their phone. "On Labor Day, or any day, download our DQ® App and register to receive a Free Small Blizzard coupon redeemable at participating U.S. locations. See you soon," wrote DQ on Twitter. 

Dairy Queen's latest push to get consumers to download their app comes amidst the trend of restaurants attempting to appeal to the younger crowd. McDonald's and several other competitors have also been pushing their new apps.