Eric Andre, an actor and comedian known for his work on the TV series' Man Seeking Woman and The Eric Andre Show, is the latest non-music celebrity to come out against the normalization of violent, abusive behavior in today's hip-hop culture, especially among young, up-and-coming rappers. In a series of tweets, he specifically points to XXXTentacion and Kodak Black, two men both with long rap sheets to their respective names, and the hypocrisy within the rap community when it comes to movements such as "#FreeKodak."

Andre starts off by saying how he notices that media outlets such as World Star Hip Hop are heavily promoting both rappers' work, despite having some legal missteps that some will find hard to forgive. He added that, when it comes to racism, complaints can fly freely and get acknowledged in a serious manner, but "criticize a rapper's sexism and everyone gets butt hurt." Later on, he also said that he was "mad at [himself]" for sharing XXX's music not long ago, not knowing of his egregious behavior in the past.

It is now well-known that both XXXTentacion and Kodak Black have reportedly done some brutal things to women they've come into contact with. According to a nice summary of events from DJ Booth, X supposedly used violent assault tactics against a pregnant ex-girlfriend to the point where she was blinded, while Kodak Black was accused of raping a female concertgoer late last year. Both men have not yet seen any ramifications that are nearly as serious as the alleged crimes committed, a point that Andre wanted to get across on Twitter as well.

For his part, XXXTentacion responded to Andre's Twitter musings, calling him out for believing content on the Internet that hasn't necessarily been proven to be true, according to the rapper. You can view that reaction below.