Trippie Redd wasn't the first name that came to mind when I was brainstorming hip-hop-inspired costume ideas for Halloween. Leave it to Eric Andre, to push the paradigm forward with groundbreaking results. His "Trippie Redd costume" is my nomination for 2018 Best Of list.

Let's take a closer look at what makes Trippie Redd a "media personality" worthy of mimicry. The whole facade highlighted by his multicoloured dreads distinguishes put him at the vanguard of post-millennial "cool" before everyone caught up. Couple that with the fact Trippie actually lives up to his "sh*t disturber" reputation.

The conceptualization of a "Trippie Redd" costume can't be conceived without the satanic imagery, which in the ears of the listener, was once superfluous, but takes on a different level of meaning as a Halloween costume.

So why was Eric Andre the first person to pull off an impressionable "Trippie Redd costume" for Halloween? I guess we ought to give credit where credit is due. Andre shared his "Trippie" costume via Instagram Story. The Story was then screen grabbed and reposted by a gleaming Trippie Redd. The Ohio native asked the question on everyone's mind: "how this n**** (Eric Andre) look more like me than me?"

Well played Mr Andre.