Eric Andre's brand of comedy has reached new levels as he recently pranked unsuspecting Beyoncé fans during a segment on Thursday (March 5) night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The future Rapper Ninja Warrior host took his talents to speak with Kimmel about his upcoming prank movie, Bad Trip which hits theaters, April 24. But it wouldn't have been a quality Eric Andre late-night sighting if he didn't participate in some pranks of his own utilizing the Jimmy Kimmel Live! production team. 

Eric Andre Ruthlessly Pranks Beyonce Fans As "BeAndre"  Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

The high-energy comedian discussed Tiffany Haddish's participation in the upcoming film before making an impromptu coronavirus joke, stating:

"I'm actually Patient Zero. I gave the coronavirus to the entire country. And Zika and H1N1. Let's not forget about all the great diseases!"

The Lion King voice actor also revealed that during the filming of the movie a knife was pulled on him and Lil Rel Howery. At about the 2:55 second mark, Andre details how an Atlanta barber brandished a knife on him and the Chicago-bred comedian after they entered his barbershop attached at the genitals via a Chinese finger trap. Fortunately, both parties were able to escape the scene without being harmed. 

At the seven-minute mark, Kimmel debuted the prank segment featuring Eric Andre dressed as Beyoncé, where he provided himself with the moniker "BeAndre." The sequence entitled Beyoncé or BeAndré? featured multiple fans of the Grammy Award-winning songstress delivering heartfelt messages to her in a backstage production room. What they didn't know was that they were going to be surprised by a disguised Eric Andre who concealed his identity only using his hands, dressed in a gown and lace front wig.  

Eric's prank was able to bring some of the unsuspecting fans to tears as they thought they were really meeting their idol. Unfortunately, while they were ultimately disappointed that he wasn't Beyoncé, Andre provided the fans with some must-watch entertainment, smashing a vase to smithereens and dropping a box of "bees."

Check out Eric Andre's full Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview and his "BeAndre" prank segment in the video provided below.