Eric B and Rakim have been watching hip-hop from the sidelines for a minute, playing the OG and doling out wisdom to the youth. Though their commentaries have ranged in sentiment, the fact remains that both Eric B and Rakim played a pivotal role in shaping hip-hop as we know it. Their contributions should not be dismissed, and back in the day, few could flow with as much finesse as Rakim. The legendary rapper has enjoyed a storied career, which continued deep into the early millennium. Dr. Dre even ended up signing him for a little while, although the creative partnership never truly blossomed. 

Despite the fact that they've never truly left, it has been over twenty years since Eric B and Rakim embarked on tour. While they did perform at a reunion concert last year for the 20th anniversary of Paid In Full, it remained a one off. Now, however, the tides have turned. Eric B and Rakim have officially announced a full length United States tour. Kicking off on April 8th in Boston, the duo will hit seventeen stops, including a tour closer in San Francisco. Check the full list of dates below.

Announcing the news with a simple tweet of "it's time to show you," there's no doubt that Eric B and Rakim intend on delivering something truly memorable. Will you be there?