Tory Lanez and Eric Bellinger's beef started bubbling more when after the release of Memories Don't Die. On "Hate To Say," Tory took some subtle jabs towards Eric Bellinger and later spoke about it during several interviews. Earlier this week, Bellinger released his latest song "Yikes" which took direct shots at Lanez. Bellinger recently explained that he was going to let it go but after hearing several interviews, he decided to head into the studio and get some things off of his chest.

Eric Bellinger recently sat down with Big Boy's neighborhood and of course, Big Boy wasn't able to let the interview end without asking about his beef with Tory. He explained that he wasn't going to initially respond to the song but, after Tory did interviews and indirectly spoke about it, he took it to the studio.

"I never even intended on responding at first... I wasn't even worried about it. It's a song, cool." He said, "But I kept seeing him and the way he was talking in these interviews with such disrespect. It was like, 'cool.' I'mma go ahead and head to the studio."

He said that the first time he heard Tory's reference to "Your Favorite Song," he thought it was a coincidence but after he heard it the second time, he knew it was directed at him.

"We had already been working together, we did songs together. We was cool. I ain't never had no issue but the thing is, he did those interviews." He said, "He said I begged him... Why would I beg you to get on a song. The same thing with the interviews, he's like 'just irrelevant' and he's like 'we all know who I'm talkin' bout. This would be the biggest pub of his life.' It's like... yeah bro, let me just bend you over my knee."

Watch the full interview below with the Tory Lanez conversation starting around the 10:15 mark.